Discover Africa by Train: 4 Unforgettable Journeys

There is a certain romanticism behind the train journey that makes it an exceedingly attractive way to travel and explore. For me, it’s the simple comfort of having a private suite, allowing me to spend time chatting and laughing with my loved ones Not having to worry about the logistics of travel puts rail travel in a unique spot. It places the emphasis on the admiration of stunning landscapes, the train serves to be more than just transport, it serves to be the journey itself. These are my top four rail journeys in Africa that will allow you to appreciate the beautiful landscapes of Africa in the most comfortable way.

Discover the Secret of Welsh Winemaking

Wine is a drink of romantic scents, tempting colours, and rich flavours. Wine is also a drink of mythical proportions, bursting decadence, holy ritual and even war. From Noah who sampled it in the Old Testament, to Plato who mused upon its infectious draw, and even Queen Victoria who enjoyed a glass with every lunch. It has been immortalised in paintings and scripts alike as the marquee accompaniment for the prosperous and powerful.

Courier Van Extras and Modifications

The day to day demands of courier jobs can take their toll on your van. Whether if its inclement weather, heavy and loose loads, or even the irregular hours, you’d do well to protect your investment. Ranging from strong interior linings of wood to sturdy roof bars, or even some rear parking sensors, any of the items in this list will be an invaluable addition to your van, and will keep you on the road for longer.

Fleet Driver Training: The Benefits for your Company

Fleet driver training is pivotal for any business that operates a driver fleet. It can ensure that your operations run more efficiently and safely by minimising the risks that your drivers can face while out on the road. Things such as fuel costs, accidents, or even insurance premiums can not only rack up the bills, but they can adversely affect the image of your brand as your drivers represent your company whilst on the road.

Truck Racing Around the World

Truck racing makes for some of the most spectacular events in all of motorsport. With huge crunching waves of noise that rattle your ears, strong wafts of fuel and singed rubber which float over arenas, and the sheer sight of huge trucks that splutter to life, spewing smoke and debris in all directions.

Parking in Your Pocket – A Lorry Driver’s Best Friend in Europe

PTV have struck gold with this inventive community driven app that has been downloaded over half a million times by truckers driving in Europe. As any trucker, would know, it’s a constant battle between hitting the required resting quotas and doing so in a safe and comfortable place. I’m sure many of you have been there; internally weighing up the pros and cons of trying to skulk your 40-tonne vehicle into a traffic corridor that would struggle to accommodate a van!

Mercedes Benz Launches Electric e-Truck

The concept of goods distribution and return loads is characterised by heavy-duty trucks which are loud, inefficient, environmentally taxing and a little archaic. Fortunately, Mercedes have plans to tackle these issues in the form of the Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck series of vehicles which will specialise in short-range delivery

South America By Train – 4 Luxury Itineraries

Train travel has the grandiose air of decadence that no other form of travel has. It’s the bastion of a forgotten era and has a nostalgic allure, and it’s for these reasons why rail travel is so irresistible for luxury travellers. It’s a catalyst for intrigue and adventure. It’s a thoughtful experience sitting in a suite with a loved one, admiring the beauty of country sides, mountain passes, and ocean views, that roll past your window. All the while, an almost poetic and reassuring chug-a-chug hums silently in the background.

South America’s Most Idyllic Beach Escapes

Beauty spots of white sand, turquoise waters, and towering tropical palms. You really are spoilt for choice with the South American coast, whether if it’s the Atlantic, Pacific, or the Caribbean, you’ll be able to bask in the hot sun, cocktail in hand, and toes nestled in the golden sand. What makes South America stand out though is the characteristically friendly festivals which burst with colour, passion and stunning pageantry. A beach holiday in South America is a great choice for friends (or couples) looking to blow off some steam as surf towns with electric party vibes, and private resorts are ready to accommodate the need to get away from a dreary western winter.

The Most Idyllic African Island Escapes

When envisaging a holiday in Africa the mind wonders towards busy metropoles, deep jungles and safari tours. Travel circles place such a high focus on the European and Caribbean, you’d be forgiven for thinking there are no “sunny beach holidays” in Africa! To rectify this injustice, I’ve listed some of the most unique and stunning island holidays in Africa that will satisfy that sun-kissed, beach-laden, luxury holiday itch.

A Celebration of Classical Music at “Printemps Musical de Chamonix”

For the past 15 years, Printemps Musical de Chamonix has been hosting an exquisite display of evocative artistic expression that never fails to be intimate and original. This is a celebration of sounds from around the world that deviate from the norm, sounds that can often be scoffed at for being abstract, experimental, and noisy. Printemps champion those who seek to be different. And champion the aficionados out there with a keen ear who appreciate the contemplative side to music, or those that just want to hear something a bit eccentric and want expand their music appetite.

Go Off On the Off Piste Trails in Morzine!

The Portes du Soleil ski area covers a staggering 650km of adrenaline inducing terrain that spans two countries. One of the great stand-outs in the heart of this coveted region is the authentic alpine town of Morzine. This lively scenic resort is well known for its popularity with young intermediate skiers who are looking to conquer some impressive slopes. But the true Morzine experience resides in the off-piste peaks, with the Nyon and Chamossière ski mountains which will test the skills of anyone who challenge them.