British Motor History and the Goodwood Revival

The Goodwood Revival

Since 1998, the Goodwood Revival has captivated visitors as one of the most enthusiastic and involved motorsport festivals in existence. It is revered for its sheer spectacle and attention to detail, all of which is wrapped up in a slick post-war visage that is laden with style and moxie. At its core, the revival is a celebration of the best of British motorsport in the period between 1948 and 1966. This is a period characterised by low stooping speedsters, wrought danger and palpable drama. All of this is faithfully recreated over a 3-day period in fall each year. The 2017 incarnation will run from 8th – 10th September.

A Quick History of The Goodwood Circuit

The Duke of Richmond, Freddie March was the man behind the circuit. He was born in 1905 into a family that was quite wealthy, having sent him to study at Eton and Oxford University. But, like many young adults, he found his true calling in his twilight years, and this was motorsport. He went from mechanic to driver, and eventually team manager, seeing his cars to victory in the 1931 Irish Grand Prix. The birth of Goodwood came in 1935 when Freddie inherited the Goodwood estate. Throughout the Second World War and post-war period, the estate served as an RAF base, and it wasn’t until 1948 that the circuit held its first official race where it enjoyed decades of competitive wheel to wheel action. However, it was in 1966, when Freddie March deemed that cars had simply become too fast and unsafe for the track.

What Can You Expect At The Event

  • An Authentic Experience

In preparation for its grand re-opening in 1998, it was imperative that the circuit retained the original fibres that made it special. The extends to every brick, coat of paint, car, storefront, and even articles of clothing. You do feel as though you have taken a step back through time, and this had made the Goodwood Revival an established and celebrated part of the racing calendar. It’s endearing to see over 140,000 visitors get into character and don the outfits of the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s, as crowds become vibrant seas of tweeds, trilbies, frocks, and furs. These ageless fashions carry a venerable grace which has long been forgotten and the Revival is one of the few places where it’s celebrated.

  • Frantic Wheel To Wheel Racing And Vintage Air Shows

Priceless and rare cars battle for the circuits most coveted trophies and accolades. Expect to see single seaters, saloons, and even motorcycles tackle the coveted track that in all its glory. It remains unchanged from the day it was opened, and it retains all of the signature corners and winding turns that have made this track so compelling and competitive. The event also hosts the most famous and legendary names in motorsport. Last year saw the likes of 9 -time Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen, F1 winner David Coulthard, and 13-time TT winner Michael Dunlop, who are just a few of the greats that attended.

The Goodwood Revival is a motorsport event like no other. It is only at Goodwood where you can take a step back and experience racing the way it used to be, with all its character and style intact without any modern incursions. Not only is there racing on offer, but you can also enjoy music acts, auctions, and most of all, air shows which celebrate the circuits past as an RAF base. This is one of the most premium events one can experience.


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