10 Easy DIY Projects (Woodwork For Beginners)

10 Easy DIY Projects (Woodwork For Beginners)

Woodworking follows the old adage of easy to learn but hard to master. But, in this age of plastics and fancy electronics, the rustic simplicity of woodworking (and the occasional splinter) can seem a bit too daunting for the newcomer. It’s not all expensive tools and tome-sized instruction manuals though, most beginner DIY projects can take only up to a few hours of your time and will not break the bank. In fact, do it yourself can often save you money in the long term and can provide a needed substitute for pricey store-bought items.  

Woodwork is a rewarding skill to learn and everyone should have a basic understanding of how to craft and shape this attractively timeless material. Not only does it give you the ability to find a broken stool, and triumphantly state “I can fix that”, but it also gives you the universal respect of your cohorts when you subtly slip into conversations that you’ve made an inkwell from driftwood or a cutting board from soft maple. When they ask why you’ve done it, you can say something about the almost ethereal sense of accomplishment you get from completing your own projects, or something about the innate joy that comes with being connected to a pre-industrial pastime. Not only that, but you can also say that you can fix stuff when they break!

Stuck for ideas? This list has you covered. From the simple to the elegant, the small to the large, and even superfluous to the useful! Get inspired and delve into the world of DIY woodwork with these 10 quirky creations which can be completed in a weekend.

1.Reclaimed Wood Bookends

A single piece of reclaimed wood can add a touch of rustic flair to your table or bookshelf. Take your book storage game to the next level with these versatile bookends which can be painted or shaped differently to your liking.  (Via eHow)

Book Ends

2. Makeup Station

Do you have a lot of brushes, tubes, and pens haphazardly dotted in and around your bathroom? Well, take a step in the fight against clutter with this makeup station that has a distinct Art Nouveau allure. (Via BlahBlahMagazine)

Make up Station

3. Wooden Cufflinks

Picture it: You’re in a high-stakes environment like a job interview and the person you’re trying to impress asks you about your uniquely quaint wooden cufflinks. Now imagine their look of surprise and amazement as you confidently state that you made them yourself. These cufflinks can be cool wood projects for guys, and their small size makes them an amazing first project. (Via instructables)

Cuff Links

4. Birdhouse (Via a crafty spoonful)

Avid bird watcher or not, they are a garden’s best friend and can be easily customised to your liking. They also make great projects for kids, giving them the opportunity to learn about woodwork and nature at the same time! (via a craft spoonful)


5. Sofa Sleeve Cup Holder

This is the kind of creation that can have a tangible effect on society. Have you ever sat down on a sofa with a hot beverage only for it to go cold as it sits on your table? We all have, but it’s not because we didn’t want the beverage it’s because it was ever so slightly out of reach. A sofa sleeve means your drink will always be a forearm’s length away meaning fewer trips to the microwave. (Via A Beautiful Mess)

Cup Holder

6. Wood Pallet Sign

Why are pallet signs so endearing? For me, it’s the simple juxtaposition between the rustic weathered wood and the heartfelt messages emblazed upon it. A living room can never be too cosy.(Via Diy Projects)

Wood pallet

7. Wine Rack

A wood plank is all you need to make this minimalist and creative wine rack, which lets gravity do its job by keeping the wine in constant contact with the cork. Who says wine needs to be stored sideways? (Via Camille Styles)

Wine Rack

8. Dry Wood Headboard

Don’t let this headboard fool you, this is one of the easier DIY furniture projects to make (it’s essentially glueing some wood rounds onto a large board) but the final product looks outstanding! (Via The White Buffalo Styling Co)


9. Wood stump table

Nature inspired decor is always aesthetically pleasing, so build yourself a wood stump table and let it take root in your living room! This guide courtesy of Justine Celina outlines how easy the process is. (Via Justine Celina)

Processed with Rookie

10. Art Deco Coasters

These eye-catching Art Deco coasters make for one of the most universally appreciated small woodworking projects. After all, those pesky white rings left by drinking glasses can be the flashpoint for flared tempers. I’m sure we’ve all been there once, teeth gritted as you muster out a “please use a coaster…” once you notice catch guest placing a glass on your new table. (Via Design Sponge)



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